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Before his presidency, Kennedy was an advocate for U.S involvement in Vietnam as a Senator in the 1950s.

"Though it may be denied, President Johnson is considering the painful possibility that he may have to send guerilla-trained U.S troops into the South Vietnamese jungle to help beat back the VietCong guerrillas…running the risk of another…

On April 22, 1971, two years after Johnson’s presidency and still four years before the United States would end involvement in Vietnam, Senator John Kerry testified before the Senate against the war. Kerry spoke as Veteran who served in Vietnam,…

President Johnson phone conversation with Senator Russell, expressing disdain yet obligation for staying in Vietnam.

Johnson requests (and two days later receives) Congressional approval for taking whichever actions he sees fit in order to thwart North Vietnamese Aggression.

Majority of American public does not believe that the war in Vietnam was a "mistake" until 1968.

The Presidency: The Government Still Lives<br /><br />
Time Magazine<br /><br />
Friday, Nov. 29, 1963<br /><br />
In the wake of Kennedy's assassination, the public supports Johnson as the new president.

"Over Nob Hill and the Harvard Yard, across Washington's broad avenues and Pittsburgh's thrusting chimneys, in a thousand towns and villages the bells began…

The Presidency: The American Dream<br /><br />
Time Magazine<br /><br />
Friday, May 01, 1964<br /><br />
Support for Johnson in 1964.

Keep the right man in the right job;

He's the right man for ev'ry one;

He's the man to get things done.

So join the U.S.A.'s tomorrow,

Go with L.B.J. today,

'Cause Johnson is setting the…

Time Magazine<br /><br />
Nation: Action in Tonkin Gulf<br /><br />
Friday, Aug. 14, 1964<br /><br />
On the cover is Admiral Sharp Jr.

"(See Cover) The Gulf of Tonkin is a forbidding body of water. Along its shores lie the brutal war in South Viet Nam, the belligerent Red regime of North Viet Nam's Ho Chi Minh, the ominous expanse of Communist…

Time Magazine<br /><br />
Man Of The Year: Lyndon B. Johnson, <br /><br />
The Prudent Progressive<br /><br />
Friday, Jan. 01, 1965<br /><br />
Johnson named Man of the Year in 1965. In 1965 men were being drafted into Vietnam, and the Tonkin Resolution was in place.


(See Cover)

There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood in 1964, led on to fame…
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