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"Oct. 15, 1969: A small skywriting plane drew the peace symbol in the clear blue sky over the Boston Common. Two others planes not shown here were alternately towing "We support Nixon" and "End the War in Vietnam" signs."

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"Oct. 15, 1969: As 100,000 persons moved off Boston Common in the late afternoon, a single fistfight broke out between several students arguing over the legitimacy of the protest."

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"Oct. 15, 1969: These boys parade along Charles Street with American flags decorating the car and signs supporting the troops in Vietnam. Other drivers turned on their headlights to show support for the present policy in Vietnam."

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"Oct. 15, 1969: Boston's African-American community remained largely uninvolved in the demonstration. Individual spokesmen said they preferred to focus on domestic injustices instead of on the war in Vietnam. Here, though, a small group rallied on…

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"Oct. 15, 1969: The Civil War monument, Soldiers' and Sailors', dedicated on Sept. 17, 1877, provided a vantage point for several onlookers in the Moratorium Day crowd."

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"Oct. 15, 1969: Democratic Senator George McGovern of South Dakota, introduced by Harvard professor John Kenneth Galbraith, addressed the Moratorium Day crowd telling them, "We seek not to break the president, but to lift the terrible burden of war…

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"Oct. 15, 1969: The biggest demonstration in Boston's history happened on Vietnam Moratorium Day as an estimated 100,000 persons shouted in cadence on Boston Common that they wanted the Vietnam War ended "Now!""

One Thousand Protesters Attend a Candlelight Vigil By JEFFREY D. BLUM, October 16, 1969 Hundreds of candles flickered on the Cambridge Common last night as more than 1000 people participated in a vigil calling for an end to the Vietnam War. The…

Million Mark Vietnam Moratorium In Nationwide and Boston Protests Rallies Peaceful; War Backers Fly Flags NO WRITER ATTRIBUTED October 16, 1969 At least a million Americans joined yesterday in the largest anti-war demonstration in the nation's…

Ivy League Schools Hold Anti-War Marches, Rallies By THEODORE SEDGWICK, October 16, 1969 Moratorium participation was high at other Ivy League schools, with very few classes held and large numbers turning out for anti-war rallies. At Yale, an…
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