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Time LBJ Nov 8 1968.jpg
"THE Viet Nam war has divided and demoralized the American people as have few other issues in this century. It led, on March 31, to Lyndon Johnson's renunciation of the presidency in the realization that he might well have been defeated for…

Time LBJ Apr 12 1968.jpg
"LYNDON JOHNSON'S renunciation of a second term as President dumfounded all but a score of relatives and top aides, who suspected that it might be coming. It was not included in the advance text of his bombing-pause speech. Only an hour before he…

Time LBJ Jan 5 1968.jpg
"(See Cover) Even if the television tube and a ubiquitous Texan had yet to be conceived, the President of the U.S. in the latter third of the 20th century would almost certainly be the world's most exhaustively scrutinized, analyzed and criticized…

Time Oct 27 1967 Protests.jpg
On the cover is
1967, First Time cover about protesting the war in Vietnam.

"(See Cover)

The Pentagon is the most formidable redoubt in official Washington. Squat and solid as a feudal fortress, it hunkers in a remote reclaimed Virginia swamp…

Time Jun 17 1966.jpg
On the cover is General Vo Nguyen Giap

"(See Cover)

Strike to win, strike only when success is certain;

if it is not, then don't strike.

—General Vo Nguyen Giap

The tangled jungle scrub of Cu Chi lies only 20 miles northwest of Saigon.…

Time Jan 14 1966.jpg
"Yet the infirmities of man are such that force must often precede reason, and the waste of war the works of peace.

—Lyndon Johnson

It was a flying fortnight, the likes of which the world had never seen, mingling mystery and flamboyance,…

Time LBJ Aug 6 1965.jpg
Presenting that there are mixed feelings about Johnson.

On the cover is Johnson, and on the cover it is written, "War and the Great Society How the People Feel About Johnson"

"(See Cover)

They don't all love him. An Asheville, N.C.,…
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